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The Impact of Estrangement on Mental Health

The Impact of Estrangement on Mental Health

Have you found yourself distancing or cutting ties with a family member? You’re not alone. Recent statistics from Psychology Today reveal that over a quarter of the U.S. population currently experiences estrangement from family members, and more than 43% have encountered family estrangement at some point in their lives.

Estrangement often arises from various factors such as neglect, abuse, divorce, incarceration, illness, or conflicts regarding religion, partners, or lifestyle choices. Despite the necessity for some to sever ties, the emotional toll can be significant.

Estrangement frequently manifests in symptoms like anxiety, depression, difficulty in self-regulation, feelings of rejection, grief, loneliness, reduced self-esteem, stress, and trust issues.

While estrangement may stem from a singular event, it often evolves over time, with cycles of separation and reconciliation. This repetitive pattern can exacerbate the lack of closure, further impacting the mental health of those involved.

If you’re currently navigating estrangement from a parent, sibling, child, or another loved one, prioritizing your mental health is crucial. Seeking support from a therapist specializing in estrangement can be invaluable. By sharing your personal circumstances, you can receive tailored guidance on how to navigate this challenging experience.

Take the first step towards healing by scheduling an appointment with me so I can provide the support and guidance you need to move forward positively.

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